you found yourself in the right space. this is where i write what’s on my mind and get creative with it. everything you read will have some form of inspiration, from my own experience, from the experiences of others and the things we face today as a society. a lot of what i write is either in the moment expressing myself, or feelings i have built inside me now being let free. writing is a form of therapy for myself and has helped me find my peace. i hope that when you read, you find your peace. but most of all, and most importantly, i hope you enjoy.

if you enjoy what you read let me know. if you don’t like what you read let me know how i can improve. thank you.




if Allah wanted it to happen, it would have happened a long time ago. stop sitting around trying to understand why this didn’t work out […]

eid mubarak

eid mubarak my loves i hope this month of ramadan was a blessing for all of you. may Allah accept our fasts, prayers and duas […]


i’m just thinking about how fast this month has come to an end. i’m getting excited to enjoy my summer now that school is over, […]

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